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Customer RIGHTS

Know Your Insurance
Rights & Responsibilites

AYER AUTO pledges to always provide
the best consumer information available
in our customer's BEST interest.

 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: When you have an accident, you have the right to take your vehicle to ANY collision repair facility for an estimate and to fix your damages. Dont' be misled by allowing your insurance agent to "Steer" you to their "direct repair shop".

 Tell your insurance Agent you prefer to use . . .

 Ayer Auto Body

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Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence     Automotive Education & Policy Institute

 Vehicle Information Services, Inc.    AutoMUSE blog by Atty. E.L. Eversman - Your Car, Your Choice

Click any logo above to go to their website. 

All of the above resources inform and advise consumers on their RIGHTS
when dealing with automotive insurance claims and auto insurance representatives.

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